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Cultural landscape concepts in school didactics

Cultural landscape concepts in school didactics

The concept was developed in 2009 in cooperation with the Thuringian Institute for Teacher Training, Curriculum Development and Media ( ThILLM ) and the Salza Gymnasium in Bad Langensalza.

The ‘culture landscape portal of Thuringia’ is being introduced as a school curriculum in lessons. The aim of the project is to familiarize students to the topic of cultural landscape protection using the kulturlandschaft portal as a medium to understand the historical cultural landscape elements. In the initial phase of study of this topic, the students are supposed to record familiar objects in the vicinity of their place of residence. This includes registering in a map, taking photographs and identifying and compiling important basic data such as the name, location, description and historical context of the region.

In a second phase, the edited information was then incorporated on the pages of the cultural landscape portal or the database of cultural landscape elements (KLEKs-Online). The school project was accompanied by the cultural landscape working group of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and documented as a guideline "Application of the Cultural Landscape Portal in School Education". It is intended to help teachers to independently work with the portal and to introduce them in their lessons. Project management: Prof. Dr. H.-H. Meyer

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