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Regional Exhibition “Thuringia 2009”

Humans, Nature and Urbanism 2009 - Bad Langensalza worth living" was the motto of the first and new form of country exhibition initiated by the Free State of Thuringia.

Together with The city of Bad Langensalza a series of events was presented by various stakeholders with the aim of attracting public interest in strategies for a successful ecological and sustainable urban redevelopment, but also to discuss the qualities and development perspectives of characteristic cultural and natural landscapes in Thuringia.

Impressions from the exhibition
(photos: H.-H. Meyer)

Contribution of UAS Erfurt

In the contribution of the cultural landscape research group (headed by Prof. Dr. H.-H. Meyer), the rural surroundings of the city of Bad Langensalza were brought to the fore and the concept of the cultural landscape was explored using the example of this region. The core elements are the exhibition in a specially created "city-surrounding garden" at the culture and congress center Bad Langensalza and a coordinated "city-surrounding exploration map".

Both contributions aim at the local public, the visitors and guests and also motivating different age groups. They deepen the understanding of the historical development and enable the practical experience directly on site. In the "City Surrounding Garden", opaque hedge ovals were planted for all 13 rural districts, in which 6-7 exhibition panels presented geographical basic data, sights, milestones of the history as well as typical features such as legends, customs, and festivities in the form of pictures and texts.

Other exhibition panels dealt with general themes of the cultural landscape in the region. The renovation of building facades and the contemporary use of historical buildings in compliance with the requirements of monument protection, the use of water bodies as an essential part of cultural landscapes and finally the changes in the landscape over the past two centuries as documented in old maps – all these topics were presented on the exhibition.


Based on a scale of 1: 25,000 a special "City-surrounding exploration map" contains all tourist and exhibition-relevant objects in graphically attractive design. It presents selected circular walks through all surrounding communities and gives brief information on the villages and the surrounding cultural landscape.

Contact and reference address:

Stadtverwaltung Bad Langensalza
Marktstraße 1
99947 Bad Langensalza

Tel. 03603 / 859157  |  Fax 03603 / 859154

E-mail:  stadtverwaltung(at)dont-send-me-spam.bad-langensalza.thueringen.really-dont-do-it(dot)de

Internet:  Website of The City of Bad Langensalza


Project participants:

 Prof. Dr. H.-H. Meyer, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robin Herrmann (Forschungsgruppe Kulturlandschaft, FH Erfurt)

 Büro Stock+Partner, Freie Landschaftsarchitekten, Jena

 Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dagmar Kleemann, Bad Langensalza

 Bauhaus Transferzentrum Design, Weimar


The exhibition is also available as a brochure and can be downloaded  here (18.9 MB) as a PDF file (18,8 MB).



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