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Traveling exhibition “Cultural landscape of Thuringia”

Impressions from the exhibition at Erfurt UAS. Photos: H.-H. Meyer (2008)

As the title suggests: The core of the exhibition is the well-known traveling exhibition “Stadtland Thuringia”, which was shown in many places in Thuringia in 2007 and 2008. On the occasion of the state exhibition “Man, Nature and Urban Development 2009” in Bad Langensalza, it was expanded including a new part that deals with the multi-faceted concept of “cultural landscape” projected onto the state of Thuringia.

It is about more than a purely descriptive and explanatory processing of the past and present cultural landscape of Thuringia, but a holistic and action-oriented analysis of the existing, which at the same time deals with the opportunities and dangers of current and future developments.

The cities and villages as well as the open areas of the cultural landscape, the positive aspects as well as the problem areas of the Thuringian landscape are considered. The spectrum of topics thus ranges from tourist attractions in “beautiful” regions up to post-mining landscapes. It affects questions about the culture of life, customs and ideas of the Thuringian population but also the folklore perspective.

Using the example of selected exhibition objects, an attempt is made to make the cultural landscape themes “understandable” in the truest sense of the word. Interviews with experts on the cultural landscape can be accessed on audio stations.

The overall management of the exhibition is the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Max Welch Guerra (professorship for spatial planning and spatial research at the Bauhaus University Weimar). The design implementation was carried out by the Bauhaus.TransferzentrumDESIGN (Weimar).

The contribution of the Research Group Cultural Landscape at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt includes the following topics:

• Change is normal. 7,000 years of cultural landscape history in Thuringia (H.-H. Meyer, FH Erfurt)

• Rural settlements and settlement landscapes (C. Schmidt, Uni Dresden)

• Natural building materials as an expression of cultural diversity (H.-H. Meyer, FH Erfurt)

• Historic traffic routes (C. Schmidt, University of Dresden)

The catalog for the traveling exhibition "Kulturlandschaft Thüringen" can be ordered in the Publications section.



Impressions from the exhibition

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